Nurturing the Soul

 Meet up group 

✨Starting 25th July 2019

✨Been in a toxic relationship ?
✨Member of your family a narcissist?
✨Are struggling to find peace of mind ?
✨Feel lonely?
✨Would like to meet other survivors?
✨Want to learn tips for self care?
🎇 Then please join us for an evening of empowerment, knowledge and friendship
🎇 Please contact me for further info and venue details
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I am facilitating a new peer led support group in Essex for women survivors of Narcissistic abuse.

These are held monthly on last Thursday of each month, next meetup is 29 August 2019 @ 1930 – 2130 in Hawkwell Essex. Please get in touch for location

Unfortunately, so many people have been victims of Narcissistic abuse and really do not know where to turn for help and support. For some they do not even realize they have been victims of this type of abuse until they have either been discarded by the Narc or they themselves leave the Narc.

You may have a mother/father or sibling, perhaps your boss or colleague is a Narcissist?

Not sure if you have been a victim of this type of abuse then please take a look at Tracy Malone’s informative website. 

The aftermath of being in one of these relationships can only be described as the victim being “In shock, feeling lost, confused, depressed and dealing with symptoms of PTSD/CPTSD”.

It is my aim to bring women together in a safe place so that they feel validated supported and above all empowered. I do not claim to be an expert in this field, but I do have a life time of experience. Knowledge really is power in this instance and when you are trying to rebuild your life it is so important to have people around that really do understand what you have been through.

Whilst I appreciate that men have also been victims of this type of abuse at the present time the meetups are for women only, who are no longer in the relationship with the Narc and who would like support, friendship and useful information to aid their recovery.  In due course I am hoping to start a group also for men who have been affected.

The road to recovery can be quite daunting, however learning to self-care is paramount as is healing core wounds.  Boundaries in relationship’s also need to be applied . 

Please note these meetups are not Therapy groups, they are purely for supporting each other through the recovery process and to build a support network of new friends.