(Please read the disclaimer before you book any reading)

The readings I provide will enable you to gain clarity and direction in your life. Situations such as career, relationships, spiritual growth and much more.

Usually you will be with me for 45 min to an hour. Using my clairvoyant abilities and tarot cards I will give you information about your current situation, I am also given information about your past and future. You will be given an opportunity to ask me questions at the end of the reading.

Often your loved ones who are in the spirit world will also connect with me so that I can pass on information to you.  This is a mediumship reading and is only ever experimental which means I cannot guarantee who comes through. I ask that if you are hoping to hear from a loved one that you come along open minded, as a medium I cannot guarantee a connection to a particular person.

My readings will give you inspiration, guidance and empowerment so that you can move forward in life’s journey. I am a very direct honest reader and will tell you the absolute truth so no fluffy, airy fairy information from me. If I do not feel like I am connecting with you in the first five minutes of the reading, then I will be very honest and explain this.

PSYCHIC PARTIES  £30 Per person

Hold a psychic part in your own home with up to 8 guests. I have been providing psychic parties for many years and they are very popular, you will be in for a very enjoyable evening. Each person will have two readings one with myself and another psychic medium Natalie. The host will get the evening Free!

Please note : Deposits will need to be paid two weeks prior to event to confirm booking and are non refundable unless we cancel the evening .

Disclaimer: [Fraudulent Mediums act 1951 }

Mediumship Readings are a scientific experiment and so results cannot be therefore guaranteed.

You are advised that if seeking information for legal, medical or financial advise then you should contact the appropriate professionals. Having readings you are accepting these terms and that you are over the age of 18.

For reasons of legality,psychic readings are intended for entertainment purposes only. Any guidance that is given is for you to consider and not for you to live your life by. Any decisions that you make as a result of a consultation with me,are your legal and personal responsibility.

By booking a reading you confirm that there is no physical, mental or emotional reason why you should not receive a reading from me. I reserve right to refuse to read for anyone who is deemed mentally or physically unfit, for example anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.