Soul plan readings


£65 Special offer (normally £80)

Do you feel stuck, lacking direction?

What to know what your life purpose is?

What are your Karmic challenges?

Find out your talents?

Do you struggle with self-limiting beliefs?

Keep making the same mistakes in life?

Feel drawn to spiritual practices?

Then look no further, A soul plan reading is devised using your birth name. Your name holds a vibration, an energy which tells a soul practitioner interesting information about your life. This is not a psychic reading. Soul plan readings are based on ancient Hebrew text and are not to be confused with numerology.

It will show you so many aspects to your life and will give you the answers to many questions that you may have.

Your unique soul plan will show you how to overcome challenges, what your talents are and goals and finally your Souls Destiny , in other words how to reach your highest potential in this life time.

These readings can be done in person or via skype whats app or zoom. The readings take me several hours to devise then when I have completed your reading I will go through your plan with you, which takes about an hour and at the end you will be given an energetic grace healing which will activate and clear patterns that are old or redundant in your life.

You will also be given self help tools and suggested therapies to help you overcome challenges.

Clients have often stated that having a soul plan reading has benefited them so much, they feel like they have been given the missing piece of the jigsaw.

So, if you feel this type of reading will benefit you please get in touch.

Please note …. Because of the time that goes into the readings I require payment before we commence the reading.