People very kindly get in touch with me after a reading or a healing session and leave some feedback about their experience.

"Louise I want to thank you for the reading you gave me, it was spot on there was no way you could of known that about me . I was really nervous about having a reading but you soon made me feel relaxed. The whole experience was uplifting".  J.S

"What can I say unbelievable ! I don't know how you do it ...very accurate and honest thank you" . P.G

" Louise thank you for my reading, you probably won't remember but you gave have me information about my mum who has passed away it was so amazing, it has given me so much comfort knowing she is still around me" A.L

" Thankyou for the EFT . The experience I had was quite remarkable , in the sense that I did not experience something quite so simple could genuinely have such a strange feeling and change my experiences on out look on life. Before I had my session I was nervous and having sleepless nights because of various things going on in my life. The night I had my session was one of the best nights sleep I had in a very long time." ML

" Louise thank you for my reading last week. I just had to tell you that in the reading you gave me a name, I could not  place it at all, it wasn't until a few weeks had gone by and my new neighbours moved in it was her name ! " LB

"The Rahanni treatment left me feeling so relaxed and I slept really well ! I'm looking forward to my next treatment ..thanks Louise ". C.H